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Double-girder EOT crane for Budimex, S.A.

Process of painting two open crabs, with a capabality of of 10 t, for double-girder EOT crane kits, with a 18.35 m span and a lifting height of 37 m

Customer:  Budimex, S.A.
Location of the installation: Warsaw (Poland)

It works with an open-crab type hoist, (model GHG-3T, M8 classification). Equipped with command post with ergonomic seats, displays on the seat, two SIEMENS automatons and two complete scanners.

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Ladle Crane

Product type: Ladle Crane
SWL: 140/40/10 ton
Span: 25 meters
HOL: 18 meters
140 tonnes main hoist, equipped with a ladle beam with J-Hooks.
The 40-tonne auxiliary hoist is equipped with a hook designed for ladle tilting operations.
Industry: Steel industry

More information: This crane has 4 girders. The main trolley, with a capacity for 140 tonnes, runs on the two main girders. The auxiliary trolley, with two hooks of 40 and 10 tonnes, runs on the two auxiliary girders. This trolley runs below the main trolley.

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Double girder gantry kits for PCT Group LTD

Process of manufacturing several gantry kits with the following characteristics:

Customer: PCT Group LTD.
Location: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The gantries have a 38.5 m span and a 26.5 m lifting capacity.

It consists of a main, double girder hoist with GHG bogies with a capacity of 50 t and an auxiliary GHE hoist with legs with a 10 t capacity. Duty M5 and M6, respectively.

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