Iñigo Ona: “The product has not lost importance – what has changed are our priorities when designing, manufacturing and maintaining it”

The introduction of new technologies and digitisation profoundly affect “end product manufacturers” such as GH. This is also the case for CAF. We interview Iñigo Ona, responsible for this transformation at CAF, one of the leading companies in the railway sector. The importance of the subject and the proximity of both companies add value to his reflections on it. Sigue leyendo

Iñigo Ona: “El producto no ha perdido importancia: lo que ha cambiado son nuestras prioridades a 
la hora de diseñarlo, fabricarlo y mantenerlo».

La introducción de las nuevas tecnologías
y la digitalización afectan profundamente a empresas “fabricantes de producto final”, como es el caso de GH. También es el caso de CAF. Entrevistamos a Iñigo Ona, responsable de esta transformación en CAF, una de las empresas líder del sector ferroviario. La trascendencia del tema y la proximidad de ambas empresas aportan un valor añadido a sus reflexiones. Sigue leyendo

Assembly of a double girder bridge crane at the Sheffield Forgemasters Steel Ltd. facilities.

Today we want to show you one of our latest facilities in United Kingdom made for our client Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd: an open winch on a double girder overhead crane with auxiliary hoist and a lifting capacity of 80/20 t.

Sheffield Forgemasters is a heavy engineering firm located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The company specializes in the production of large bespoke steel castings and forgings, as well as standard rolls, ingots and bars. Sheffield Forgemasters traces its origins to a 1750.

The company specializes in forged and cast steel components for the defense, engineering, nuclear, offshore, petrochemical, and steel processing industries worldwide.

Sheffield Forgemasters currently has the capacity for pouring the largest single casting (570 tons) in Europe. The two forging presses in use can exert a pressure of 4,500 tons and 10,000 tons on a billet of steel. The 4,500-ton press was installed in 2010 to replace a 1,500-ton press which dated back to 1897 and was originally steam powered, and after several upgrades became hydraulically operated.

GH, through our oldest official partner in the United Kingdom, Professional lifting Services, LTD (http://www.plsltd.co.uk) has supplied several cranes to Sheffield Forgemasters since early 2000 and the last year has supplied several cranes for this great company in the United Kingdom.