Omar Javed: “The ownership and trust bestowed upon me by GH are invaluable”

For over 10 years now, GH´s presence in the Middle East has been linked to Omar Javed. Thanks to his dedication and field knowledge, we have achieved a remarkable position in this market. Thus, a few months ago, we decided to strengthen our presence in the region with the creation of a new company: GH Saudi. Javed has now become Managing Director of GH Cranes Arabia and the new company GH SAUDI. We spoke to him to find out more about GH’s presence in Arabia.

We are interested in learning about your history with GH. When did your relationship with GH begin?
I began working with GH in 2012, marking over 11 years of collaboration; this year will be my 12th with GH. Our journey has spanned various stages, evolving from my initial involvement to the present. Before directly engaging with GH, I worked as an agent, creating a lasting relationship over the years.

What attracted you most to the GH project that led you to join?
Having prior experience with cranes and other brands, along with a background in port operations, the deciding factor to join GH was its esteemed reputation in the market. GH’s robust products and exceptional aftersales services stood out. Additionally, the supportive working environment, akin to a family, made the experience truly enjoyable.

Could you elaborate on your initial impressions of the company when you first joined?
From the start, my colleagues at GH were incredibly informative and helpful. Transitioning to a new brand comes with numerous questions, especially regarding technical details specific to the brand. GH impressed me with their openness, providing information, training, and valuable feedback. The collaborative nature of sharing knowledge was the first impression that resonated with me.

“GH impressed me with their openness, providing information, training, and valuable feedback”

Who were the individuals that assisted you the most in your early days?
The support I received in my early days continues to be significant, with individuals like Marcos, Lorena and Ainhoa being instrumental. These are the people I have collaborated with since my initiation into GH.

After more than 11 years with GH, what has GH provided you that other companies haven’t?
GH has facilitated substantial personal and professional growth. I have gained a sense of authority and independence in decision-making, coupled with a high level of trust from the company. The ownership and trust bestowed upon me by GH are invaluable, something I believe I wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

Your entire professional career has been intertwined with the crane industry, correct?
Yes, since the beginning of my career I have been associated with this industry. It has not been without its share of challenges, but this also means a learning experience at every stage. Engaging in the crane industry is no easy feat, involving a comprehensive process from order placement to manufacturing, logistics, delivery, and installation. GH is not merely a product but a complete project that demands attention from inception to completion.

What are your short and long-term objectives?
Our short-term objectives revolve around maximizing sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring timely deliveries. Long-term goals include positioning GH as a leading company in our region, expanding our presence through sales and services, and establishing offices across the entire region. What is also very important for us is to align our company with the ESG guidelines within the next 5 years. It is an ambitious long-term objective for us but we feel sustainable company operations will provide us with a competitive advantage and will be vital with risk mitigation.

Can you shed light on your region and what distinguishes its market?
Our region stands out as no one manufactures hoists or electrical components in-house. Unlike some European markets with many local manufacturers, here, everyone is an exporter. The market exhibits tremendous growth potential with substantial investments in various projects, making it unique on a global scale.

What do you believe your customers appreciate most about GH?
The strength of our product is the primary attraction for our customers. Despite occasional project delivery challenges, once customers experience and use our products, they recognize GH’s strong technical reputation in the market.

“The strength of our product is the primary attraction for our customers” 

Who are your key clients in the region, and could you highlight any notable projects?
We are actively involved in key projects such as the Riyadh Metro, where GH provides cranes, and the Saudi railways project, where over 80 cranes have been supplied. Additionally, we’ve contributed to an airport project, delivering 46 units.

Who supports you in your current endeavors?
In our current market, we’ve built a versatile team handling projects and sales, supported from Spain. The emphasis is on continual learning, with the goal of creating an environment where everyone contributes ideas, learns daily, and assumes responsibility.

What steps do you think are essential for further improvement and growth?
Establishing local presence throughout our region is crucial for sustained growth, mirroring the approach of some competitors who have a widespread presence. This forms a significant part of our long-term plan, emphasizing the importance of local availability for customers.

“In just 12 years, our team has grown from one to 60 people”

How do you envision GH in Arabia in 10 years?
I am confident that GH will emerge as the leading company in Arabia within the next decade. The tremendous growth witnessed over the past years, exemplified by GH Saudi’s success, reflects our trajectory. Focusing on marine and special cranes, coupled with our team’s expansion, positions us well for continued success. In just 12 years, our team has grown from one to 60 people, showcasing our remarkable journey of growth in the region.