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BILFAL Project in Saudi Arabia

Double-girder gantry kit 100 + 50t.

Client: BILFAL Heavy Industries Ltd.
Installation Location: Saudi Arabia

The main lift is performed by a 100 ton capacity trolley with a GHG lifting gearbox for a 18.4m hol and a double hook, which will go on a gantry of 30m span.

In the pictures you can see a 50 ton hoist with double girder GHF with simple hook and 18m hol which will perform the auxiliary lifting.

Both hoists have a work with a load summing limiter ALM-100N and work both independently and in synchronized.

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Swivel Hoist for Redfern Flinn

In the photos we can see numerous of swivel hoists, with 600kg capacity and a lift height of 7m, which are on final processing of manufacturing.

The steering motors are mounted on the opposite side of the cabinet.

Client : Redfern Flinn Cranes and Hoisting Equipment Pty Ltd
Installation place : Melbourne (Australia)

These hoists are installed at the factory that makes the famous Campbell’s soups.

As a novelty carry the new load limit switch Airpes ACS-100.

_MG_8789 _MG_8794

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130 t bridge crane for Gamesa

We have new pictures of the 130 t open winch for the factory  of Gamesa Eolica in Brazil.
The pictures show the finished trolley, installed on a 20 m span double girder bridge crane.

Tenemos nuevas fotos del carro abierto de 130t para la fabrica de Gamesa Eolica en Brasil.
En esta ocasión las fotos muestran el carro ya terminado, montado sobre la grúa puente birraíl, que tendrá 20m de luz.

_MG_8576 _MG_8567

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