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MPH Cranes installed 8 EOT cranes in Singapore

Our Distributor in Singapore, MPH Cranes installed recently 4 units 10 Tons single girder and 4 units 30 Tons double girder cranes for one of the most important company in the construction sector.

The customer has ordered another 13 units of EOT Cranes to install in a new building.


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Some of our more recent projects in USA: Chattanooga, Gestamp Renovables and Panasonic

Gestamp – Chattanooga, TN:
F&G Cranes furnished the complete overhead crane equipment needs for Gestamp’s Chattanooga, TN Plant Expansion Project as follows:

2 Double Girder Bridge Cranes; capacity 60/30 ton with a span of 100 feet.

1 Double Girder Bridge Crane; capacity 60/30 ton with a span of 81 feet.

1 Double Girder Bridge Crane; capacity 30/15 ton with a span of 81 feet.

F&G Cranes supply overhead cranes for a wind tower factory. GRI Project, Gestamp Renewables in Amarillo, TX. elected F&G Cranes’ to supply their need of an overhead crane project which is used to equip their wind tower factory in Amarillo, Texas..

This project includes ten various bridge cranes with hoists ranging in capacity from 20 ton to 45 ton and the span of 101 feet.


A turnkey project for an overhead crane system in which F&G Cranes supplied two bridge cranes; 10 & 20 ton. The overhead cranes have been designed to travel on a complete 300 foot runway system spanning 49 feet. This has been custom designed for Panasonic’s giant stadium display in Dallas, TX.

Algunas instalaciones recientes en USA: Chattanooga, Gestamp Renovables y Panasonic

Equipación completa del proyecto de expansión de la planta de Chattanooga (TN):
2 Grúas puente con polipasto de 60/30t de capacidad de elevación y 31m de luz de grúa.
1 Puente grúa con polipasto de 60/30t de capacidad de elevación y 25m luz de grúa.
1 Grua puente con polipasto de 30/15t de capacidad de elevación y 25m luz de grúa.

Proyecto de GRI (Gestamp Renovables) en Amarillo – TX. Equipación completa de su fábrica de torres eólicas en Amarillo, al oeste de Texas10 Grúas puente de diferentes con polipastos de diferentes capacidades (desde 20t hasta 45t), con luz de 31m.

Proyecto completo de estructura metálica con columnas y camino de rodadura, con 2 grúas puente con polipasto de 10t y una de 20t. Luces de 15 mts. para Panasonic para su fábrica de pantallas gigante para estadios, en Dallas.

Aida Project

Double girder EOT crane 50/3.2t lifting capacity with two hoists on one crab, Span 22.50m and HOL 10m.

This crane has been manufactured by Lee Machinery (Thailand) for AIDA; Japanese company who’s activity in this plant is assembly of stamping presses.

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