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Single girder EOT Cranes installed in Silkeborg Kraftvarmevaerk

Installation for Silkeborg Kraftvarmevaerk in Denmark,  for two units of 2 ton capacity single girder EOT cranes with 15 m span, where initially KITO chain hoists where installed on the cranes (hoists supplied by customer).

Due to the big height of lift and slow speed on lifting motion, customer requested to remove chain hoists and add GHA-12 wire rope hoists which are quite a lot faster in all motions.

The installation of cranes was made by CERTEX Dk, official partner of GH crane for Danish market.

MPH Cranes installed 8 EOT cranes in Singapore

Our Distributor in Singapore, MPH Cranes installed recently 4 units 10 Tons single girder and 4 units 30 Tons double girder cranes for one of the most important company in the construction sector.

The customer has ordered another 13 units of EOT Cranes to install in a new building.


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Abengoa’s desalination plant in Accra

This is the first desalination plant in Ghana, with the capacity to process 60,000 cubic metres of water daily, supplying water for 300,000 people in the Greater Accra region, in towns like Teshie, Nungua and Tema.
In this plant, there is a GH single-girder EOT crane with a 10.5 t reduced-height suspended hoist.
Abengoa’s leading position in the water sector in the world is reaffirmed with this kind of projects.
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Planta desaladora de Abengoa en Accra
Esta planta es la primera de su tipo en Ghana, es un proyecto de desalación capaz de procesar diariamente 60.000 m3 de agua de mar, abasteciendo a 300.000 personas que habitan en varias ciudades de la región de Gran Accra, como Teshie, Nungua y Tema.

grua-puente-GH-planda-desaladora-abengoa-01 grua-puente-GH-planda-desaladora-abengoa-03Esta planta cuenta con una grúa puente monoviga GH con polipasto suspendido de altura reducida de 10,5t.
Abengoa reafirma con este tipo de proyectos su posición de liderazgo en el sector del agua en el mundo.
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