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New instalations of our distributor MPH Cranes

MPH Cranes has just been awarded the project to supply and build their crane for Yeo Hiap Seng or better known as YEOS at their new Camboya plant.

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The commissioning of 4 Units of Overhead Cranes from our Penang branch (Malaysia), 4 Units of Electric Overhead Crane with span of more than 35m ranging from 6.3Ton to 10 Ton.

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We are proud to be part of Singapore‘s nation building. The depot in the west side of the island that are being used for the maintenance of our public buses with the cranes that are being built by MPH cranes.

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From Overhead Cranes to JIB cranes, MTU Asia‘s New Jalan Tukang Factory is one of MPH Cranes major projects in Singapore. A total of 48 units has been installed in the factory.

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Our distributor MPH Cranes has installed 20 Ton gantry crane for precast yard

MPH Cranes recently installed and commissioned a 20 Ton Gantry Crane in Johor (Malaysia) for a leading precast yard.

This project had an extra difficult thing because the customer has requested to use their existing hoist on our new system of gantry crane. We took up the challenge with match a older hoist with our new electric and system.

We had to repair the exiting runway rails and set up a new outdoor conductor system.

Having also commissioned new cranes in Penang, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, MPH cranes have been the preferred choice for our customers trusted choice for their overseas project.

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Synchronized EOT cranes to work in the same building of different lifting height

Due of the high price of the land in Singapore, is very common to make high level buildings to maximize the working space.

The cranes are installed with specific technology to avoid the collision between them.  An improved safety device has been installed in all equipment who allows that only one crane in each level can work in the charging area, avoiding any collision between other cranes of different levels in lifting movement.

The installation has been done with our distributor MPH Cranes in a 3 level  building for  one of the most renewed developer company.

The building has 8 EOT single girder 10 Tons Capacity Cranes.


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