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Mobile System Unit - Automotive gantry crane on tires


Some of our self-propelled gantry cranes have been in use for 40 years and are still in perfect operational state today.

Samuel Sevillano is a young veteran at GH. After his time in the management of our branch in China, he took on the challenge of organism, launching, and managing the new Mobile System Unit.

The quote “Mobile Systems is a product line that has always been there in the GH catalogues as just another, and almost hidden, group of products; but it´s always has immense potential and I want to bring that potential to the forefront with varied range of products that are appreciated by our customers” summarizes what Samuel thinks about this new Business Unit, whose product is mainly aimed at the nautical sector and countless industrial sectors with a need to move items in open industrial areas or even ships: the wind energy sector, civil engineering works, prefabricated components, stone, etc.

The main challenge that Samuel is facing in his new position is turning the Mobile Systems Unit into the best specialist in providing efficient solutions for moving ships in boatyards and marinas and industrial equipment in open areas, maximizing the benefit to our customers – something for which we are developing tools that allow us to do just that and prove it.

 “We have a very strong position in Spain and Portugal, but we also have Europe, Asia and Latin America in our sights”.

His enthusiasm is comparable only to the clarity of the ideas he conveys.

Our hallmark is not to sell pieces of equipment; instead, it is to provide comprehensive advice and assistance to our customers when they invest in mobile systems. We aim to achieve excellent customer service both on site and in our offices, and to tailor our product to market demands.

Mobile System Unit. - Automotive gantry crane on tires

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GH’s new office in the industrial heart of Dubai


Our commitment to excellence, combined with the mission to deliver outstanding client service, has resulted in our newest venture in the United Arab Emirates.

GH’s new office, remarkably situated in the industrial heart of Dubai, is part of our ongoing pursuit to provide exceptional local support to our customers, which will strengthen current and prospective projects across the GCC region. Our multi-lingual staff at the Dubai Office is well versed with the demands of the market and plans to implement key strategies to attain maximum future success.

Having effectively delivered numerous projects in the Gulf Countries, GH is pleased to continuously build on our already strong portfolio, with many more milestones to come.

GH’s new office in the industrial heart of DubaiGH’s new office in the industrial heart of Dubai

Unidad de Negocio de Soluciones Especiales GH Cranes


Nuestro punto fuerte es la capacidad de adaptación a las necesidades de clientes de primer nivel mundial.

Las nuevas exigencias que presenta la nueva fisonomía del conjunto de la economía global hacen que las empresas tengan que adaptarse permanentemente a los cambios para dar la mejor respuesta a los clientes. Clientes que ya no están al alcance geográfico más próximo al núcleo original de nuestra actividad productiva.

En GH hemos entendido este cambio y por ello, hemos realizado una reflexión estratégica que nos ha llevado a una nueva organización para tratar de enfocar nuestros esfuerzos a dar una mejor y más profesional respuesta a nuestros proyectos.

Si primero iniciamos un ambicioso plan para la internacionalización de nuestras actividades hace 25 años para estar presente en los mercados en los que nuestros clientes exigían nuestra presencia, ahora toca organizar internamente nuestras fuerzas para ser más eficaces en nuestros proyectos.

Tras esta reflexión estratégica, la empresa se ha dividido en cinco Unidades de Negocio, cada uno con su responsable, para tratar de dar ese plus de proximidad y eficacia a los diferentes productos que fabricamos en GH.

Una de ellas es la Unidad de Negocio de Soluciones Especiales, que dirige Aimar Villa, joven ingeniero con una ya contrastada experiencia en GH.

Unos de sus retos principales es aumentar la capacidad de la Unidad de Negocio de Soluciones Especiales a todos los niveles, de cara a poder dar una respuesta global a todos nuestros clientes, independientemente a la localización de sus nuevos proyectos. Nuestra organización tiene una red capilar capaz de dar servicio en cualquier parte del mundo, y eso es lo que queremos que valoren nuestros clientes.

Podemos atender a nuestros clientes en cualquier parte del mundo.”

Unidad de Negocio de Soluciones Especiales GH Cranes

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