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Astebatean GH1WEEK Service

Manufacturing in seven days and delivery anywhere in the world… Can anyone make a better offer?

Since we started the GH1WEEK service, which guarantees to the customer that his order will be manufactured within a week, more than one thousand pieces of equipment have been delivered, and the projections point at a remarkable increase in the following year. Sigue leyendo

Réunion commerciale annuelle de GH France

Comme toutes les années, GH France a organisé sa réunion commerciale annuelle, avec la participation des responsables des différentes délégations. La réunion s’est célébrée au sein des locaux de la maison mère du groupe, GH Espagne, à Béasain (Espagne).

Du 13 au 15 janvier, les commerciaux GH France se sont réunis ensemble et ont profité pour faire un bilan 2014, préparer l’année 2015, présenter leurs différentes expériences personnelles, et ainsi établir une stratégie commerciale commune. Sigue leyendo


After founding our own subsidiary in India, GH has begun its activities in the Asian country with determination, knowing that this tiger is bound to be an emerging strong economy like China.

GH has already got an important business team in India, who attends customers and their needs directly. We have also begun producing some products locally, in order to give a more efficient and rapid response to all the projects undertaken in that nation. Sigue leyendo