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Special application for Andritz – Hydro Power Baixo Sabor

Gantry crane with open crab to manipulate gates, whose main feature is the capability to pull at 45º, as shown in the photograph.

The open crab is equipped with lashes and must be lashed if it is going to be used to pull at 45º. Despite having 20 tonne lifting capacity, when pulling at 45º this is limited to 10 tonnes via an end switch that sends the signal to the overload device.

The pulley and several other lifting elements have been modified to allow the cable to work in that position.

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Double girder gantry kits for PCT Group LTD

Process of manufacturing several gantry kits with the following characteristics:

Customer: PCT Group LTD.
Location: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The gantries have a 38.5 m span and a 26.5 m lifting capacity.

It consists of a main, double girder hoist with GHG bogies with a capacity of 50 t and an auxiliary GHE hoist with legs with a 10 t capacity. Duty M5 and M6, respectively.

The cable reel have been manufactured in sections to ease transport, in view of their big size. Sigue leyendo