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GH builds more compact cranes so as to build lower halls

GH cranes make better use of the vertical space for three reasons:

  1. We’ve reduced hook’s lost height.
  2. We’ve optimised the girder’s size.
  3. We’ve substituted the railway style rails with square bar rails.


Nowadays, we offer the standard double-girder hoist with the smallest headroom in the market.

The benefits for GH customers are evident:

They build lower halls and save in heating.

A building with GH cranes nees 1.4 metres less than one with cranes from our competitors. That’s 11.76 %. That’s it, we’ve reduced the volume 11.76%.

Now let’s quantify the money we’ll save up in materials in a 200 sq m building and a cost of 300 €/sq m.

Very easy. It’s 88,320 €  less in building materials.

And savings of 23,520 € in heating.


To sum up, GH allows you to make better use of the vertical space both in single-girder and double-girder cranes, so you’ll need less height in your plant and you’ll save up in building materials and heating.

For more information:

Double girder gantry kits for PCT Group LTD

Process of manufacturing several gantry kits with the following characteristics:

Customer: PCT Group LTD.
Location: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The gantries have a 38.5 m span and a 26.5 m lifting capacity.

It consists of a main, double girder hoist with GHG bogies with a capacity of 50 t and an auxiliary GHE hoist with legs with a 10 t capacity. Duty M5 and M6, respectively.

The cable reel have been manufactured in sections to ease transport, in view of their big size. Sigue leyendo

50/10 t Gantry crane Kit for PTC Group LTD

Manufacturing process of two similar gantry crane Kit, both with 38.5 m span and 2 hoists, the main with 26.5 m HOL and the auxiliary with 29 m HOL.

Client: PTC Group LTD. 
Installation Location: Dubai

The main lift is performed by a GHG 50 t capacity double girder hoist with end carriages, M5 duty, and the auxiliary hoist by a fixed GHE 10 t in M6 duty. Both function independently.

_MG_9025 _MG_9028

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