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GH builds more compact cranes so as to build lower halls

GH cranes make better use of the vertical space for three reasons:

  1. We’ve reduced hook’s lost height.
  2. We’ve optimised the girder’s size.
  3. We’ve substituted the railway style rails with square bar rails.


Nowadays, we offer the standard double-girder hoist with the smallest headroom in the market.

The benefits for GH customers are evident:

They build lower halls and save in heating.

A building with GH cranes nees 1.4 metres less than one with cranes from our competitors. That’s 11.76 %. That’s it, we’ve reduced the volume 11.76%.

Now let’s quantify the money we’ll save up in materials in a 200 sq m building and a cost of 300 €/sq m.

Very easy. It’s 88,320 €  less in building materials.

And savings of 23,520 € in heating.


To sum up, GH allows you to make better use of the vertical space both in single-girder and double-girder cranes, so you’ll need less height in your plant and you’ll save up in building materials and heating.

For more information:

Ladle Crane

Product type: Ladle Crane
SWL: 140/40/10 ton
Span: 25 meters
HOL: 18 meters
140 tonnes main hoist, equipped with a ladle beam with J-Hooks.
The 40-tonne auxiliary hoist is equipped with a hook designed for ladle tilting operations.
Industry: Steel industry

More information: This crane has 4 girders. The main trolley, with a capacity for 140 tonnes, runs on the two main girders. The auxiliary trolley, with two hooks of 40 and 10 tonnes, runs on the two auxiliary girders. This trolley runs below the main trolley.

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