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Crane for MISR, Load testing

Installation of 2 bridge cranes of 5t and 20t capacity, with light 13,67m and lift height 8m.

Customer: MISR (Egypt / representative) to Arab Contractors
Installation Location:
Sector: Energy

IMG-20151105-WA000-MISR-Iraq  The Diwaniya

Prueba de carga de grúa puente para MISR.
Instalación de 2 puentes grúa de 20t y 5t de capacidad, con luz de 13,67m y altura de elevación 8m.

Cliente: MISR (Egipto/ representante) para Arab Contractors
Lugar de instalación: Iraq / El Diwaniya
Sector: Energético

GH in the USA: a determined commitment

GH has supplied the US crane market for more than ten years. Our company provides products and services from our facilities in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2014, GH decided to strengthen our commitment to the American market once again. We have increased our investment through the acquisition of new warehouse facilities in Chicago. These new facilities provide a rapid response to demands for important spare parts and equipment throughout North America. Sigue leyendo

GH completes ITS new range of hoists GHD13 “Closing the innovation circle”

In 2015, GH will finally launch the product it has been working on over the last few years. Our urgent commitment to innovation has led to the creation of this new product. Our new design includes more technology and competitive efficiency.

The GHB11 hit the market in 2013 and has been a great success. Over 1000 of these new hoists have already been sold, with minimum problems and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our commitment does not consist of reducing the features of our new hoists, but just the opposite: our strategy is to add value to the units without affecting our competitiveness and the value we provide for users. This means that all of our users around the world can share in this affordable innovation. Sigue leyendo