GH in the USA: a determined commitment

GH has supplied the US crane market for more than ten years. Our company provides products and services from our facilities in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2014, GH decided to strengthen our commitment to the American market once again. We have increased our investment through the acquisition of new warehouse facilities in Chicago. These new facilities provide a rapid response to demands for important spare parts and equipment throughout North America.

Our strategy for the US market has been based on the selection of clients who have a good knowledge of the crane market. GH production sites manufacture box girders and sell complete crane systems to end user customers throughout the country.

Our intention is to continue this market strategy in the Northern United States and to add an additional strategy for the Southern states. GH has recently decided to start a new growth project with the collaboration of F&G Industries, our existing distributor located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas.

Our new partnership is based on an organized alliance and a thoughtful cooperation. This team approach positions each company to successfully sell GH products and services in the Southern United States and throughout the entire nation in the near future.

GH is in the process of making an important technology transfer to F&G Industries to improve production methods and to streamline manufacturing processes in F&G’s facilities in Terrell, Texas.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership and to introduce a compelling product offering for every customer in the US market. Together we can service each company with the quality experience that they deserve.

We believe that GH and F&G Industries together will make a great impact on the US crane market in the next few years.

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