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Certex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing construction


Integral solutions adapted to the needs of the client.

Thinking globally allows us to offer specific solutions that can be adapted to the requirements and working systems at our client’s facilities.

This is the case for the combination of products that have been installed at the facilities of the company CONFAC in Denmark. CONFAC is a company that manufactures precast concrete for housing construction.

The system for manufacturing and storing the parts required four bridge cranes, a transfer cart and an external gantry crane, all working together in a continuous and timed process.

The cranes used in the mould-handling process and for the manufacture of the pieces, which are transported outside using a transfer cart and then finally stored in the exterior patio using a gantry crane, are installed in the main hall.

The cranes have drives for all movements, which allow smooth movement of the load and increased speed when the crane is working with 25% of the load capacity.

The characteristics of the products installed are as follows:

  • 25 t and 20 t bi-rail bridge cranes, with 24 m span.
  • 7.5 t and 3.2 t bi-rail bridge cranes.
  • 10×3 m transfer cart with capacity of 60 t.
  • 25 t gantry crane with 30 m span and 10 m cantilevers. It has electric rotation in the hook to make handling the pieces easier.

This project has been managed by Certex, our official distributor in Denmark.

Certex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing constructionCertex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing constructionCertex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing construction

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GH joins the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) as a full member


In october, we received the official news that gh has been accepted as full member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA).

This news is a significant boost for our brand, because it means being recognised by this Association as a manufacturer with full membership; that is, with the right to receive information about the sector, the ability to influence its regulation and, of course, contribute our experience towards shaping the safety, control and preparation of the regulations that apply to the world of lifting equipment.

Belonging to the CMAA is not only positive for our Brand in the American market, but also a recognition that will give our international expansion a strong stimulus.

Now, apart from taking part in the “Lifting Club”, we must have a proactive attitude so that our ideas can be incorporated in this Association, and that will require significant work by people within GH that cover fields of work of the CMAA such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering (components)
  • Structural Engineering (beams, columns and runways)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Services
  • Marketing / Administration

If we had to make a comparison to illustrate this huge step in our presence in the American market, we could say that now we have risen to First Division; we have to fight to be at the top positions.

GH joins the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) as a full member.

Billet crane with a rotating trolley sidenor


Installed at SIDENOR, Basauri, for high-performance processes.

GH has recently installed a bridge crane with an open, rotating trolley (2 x 20t / 16t) and a series of features that makes this installation special:

  • Process cranes – high-performance cranes designed to work in extreme conditions, at high temperatures, and all day long.
    This particular case is a billet crane with a rotating trolley and magnets to handle hot billets.
  • Work group classification M7, robust design, and the most reliable materials provide completely reliable lifting equipment.
    Continuous jobs and extreme conditions: this specific one at an ambient temperature of 80 ºC handling billet at 600 ºC.
  • Speeds adapted to the production needs in order to complete the cycles required by the process itself.
  • Auxiliary hoists for the maintenance of the rest of the installation. In this case, a lifting hook with a 16t lifting capacity to undertake plant maintenance tasks.

This bridge crane is installed in a building that spans 26 metres, with 22-metre lifting heights (with a pit). The equipment has a 16t auxiliary hoist to undertake maintenance at the facilities (the hoist is installed on a cantilever-type structure to ensure the best approaches as it crosses the building).

Other outstanding features of this crane, classified in group M7, include the weighing system + traction cells, area and manoeuvring boundaries, automations for management, etc.

The electrical equipment is installed in a separate cabin equipped with redundant industrial cooling in order to guarantee the capability to work at high temperatures.

Billet crane with a rotating trolley SidenorBillet crane with a rotating trolley Sidenor