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A global reference in solutions for lifting and moving load in the railway sector - CAF

GH – A global reference in solutions for lifting and moving load in the railway sector

GH is a multinational family-owned company, specialising in products for lifting and moving cargo.

With over 60 years in the business, GH works with the most diverse sectors within the global economy with special attention for those that need specific products requiring high performance due to the demand for precision, quality and productivity.

The star product in GH’s range is its overhead crane and all of the variants on this, both cranes deemed to be standard and those designated as special due to their features and the sector for which they are intended.

GH’s involvement with CAF and its developments, both internal and external, date back to the beginning of both companies’ operations since the origins of both GH and CAF came about in the innovative, entrepreneurial and industrial Goierri Valley in Beasain.

Among the outstanding products for the railway sector, there is the mobile transfer cart, for which GH has developed its own product that meets the requirements of a company such as CAF, which is a leading firm across the world in the railway sector.

GH has been fully involved with the project from the offset with seamless interactions between the technical staff at GH and CAF for this project in Newport.

The business is a reference point in the railway sector and this project is tangible proof of that.

A global reference in solutions for lifting and moving load in the railway sector - CAFA global reference in solutions for lifting and moving load in the railway sector - CAF


WHERE: Celtic Business Park, Newport, Wales.
SCOPE OF WORK: Car finishing and testing.
TRANSFER CART: Service to the workshops (warehouse, final assembly and testing bay), and auxiliary factory facilities(painting and water testing).

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Because power without control is no use at all.

On many occasions, during the handling of objects by means of a bridge crane to assemble complex parts in a delicate and precise way, the swaying of the load that occurs while it is being moved makes these manipulation and assembly processes difficult and slow.

Under these circumstances, a reliable and precise crane is required to keep the load stable even at high speeds.

GH implements a load stabilisation system in its cranes through its CORE+ STABILITY solution.

The characteristics of this system developed by GH are as follows:

  • Reduction of the swaying effect due to the acceleration and braking movements of the load.
  • Effective for the movement of both the trolley and the crane.
  • Touch screen: Easy to configure and allows monitoring of the crane status (electrical consumption, alarms and system errors).
  • Easy adaptation to existing cranes. The CORE+ unit can be fixed to the electrical cabinet door.

This system offers several advantages over other cranes that do not have a stability control system installed for the handling and transport of the load.

  • Greater speed + Greater precision = Increased Productivity and Safety.
  • No complications for the operator: The system reduces the sway automatically.


1/ CORE+ STABILITY continuously receives the following inputs from the frequency converters:

  • Operator orders (accelerate/decelerate).
  • Actual speeds (lifting operations, trolleys and crane).
  • Vertical position of the hooks (provided by the encoder in the lifting motors).

2/ The exclusive algorithm that it uses determines the optimal acceleration/deceleration ramps based on these inputs.

3/ CORE+ STABILITY communicates with the frequency converters, controlling the execution of the movement.

4/ Return to point 1.

This system complements our cranes, resulting in a high-end product, which increases production, improves performance and increases safety.


Bacaicoa Industrias Plásticas amplía sus instalaciones donde monta una grúa puente de GH

Bacaicoa Industrias Plásticas es una empresa de extrusión de film soplado que dispone de una capacidad instalada de 16.000 Tm. de film plástico en polietileno de alta y baja densidad, y que produce film y bolsas de polietileno para envase y embalaje, para diversos sectores, destacando el sector de alimentación, industrias de fabricación de cauchos, además de todo el resto de sectores con necesidades de embalaje

Esta empresa Navarra fundada hace 60 años amplía sus instalaciones de más de 4.000 m2 para lo cual ha solicitado a GH la fabricación de una grúa puente con capacidad de elevación de 20t y 41,5m de luz, para montar en una de sus nuevas naves.

Dicha grúa que permite una altura de elevación de 24,2m se utilizará para labores de instalación de maquinaria, tanto de la nueva línea de extrusión que se ha adquirido para la nave, como de las líneas ya existentes y que se van a trasladar a la nueva nave de producción. La grúa lleva 4 testeros, dos por cada viga, requiriendo unión mecánica entre los testeros del mismo carril de rodadura.

Este puente grúa lleva montado un polipasto birraíl con testeros modelo GHF que trabaja en grupo M5.