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Communication on the activity of the company due to COVID-19


Communication on the activity of the company due to COVID-19

Following the instructions issued by our country’s health and administrative authorities, we inform you that our company in Spain, GH CRANES & COMPONENTS, will resume all its activities next 9 April, in response to the preventive measures established to alleviate the effects of COVID-19.

Up until now we have been carrying out both our production and administrative activities, following the safety and hygiene recommendations for all of our workers.

Faced with this new situation, we want to inform you that we will try to fulfil all of our commitments with customers and collaborators with the least possible inconvenience that may be caused by this technical stop that has been imposed by current circumstances.

At GH CRANES & COMPONENTS a team of Central Services staff continue to work remotely in order to provide support from all its Management areas, in addition to technical and sales staff from all the Business Units that are permanently at your service.

Despite the preventive closure, our after-sales service and spare parts supply will continue to meet the requests of our customers and partners, to serve those activities that remain operational

Finally, we are convinced that we will all emerge from this period stronger than before, and that GH CRANES & COMPONENTS will continue with renewed energy to remain faithful to our history and the future that we will all build together.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes that may arise.

Thank you for your trust,

The GH team.