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Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project.London

London, is one of the most cosmopolitan European countries that besides being a city with more than 2000 years, is one of the most modern and contemporary city combining the old city and the city of the future.

Is one of the most populated cities worldwide with more than 15 million people living in the great London and distributed in 32 districts where the underground communication is essential for thousands of citizens to travel to work, shopping social live, etc.

London is the first city that projected such transportation mode (underground) in 19th century (1863).

Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. London

Nowadays London city has about 275 open metro stations and more than 400 Km active metro lines. This makes possible transport more than 3 million passengers day by day, being the second biggest metro system worldwide by kilometers (after Shanghai) and of course the biggest in Europe.

With the growth of the city, the number of stations has been also growing and in some cases as the one in Bank Station, which is one of the main metro station in the old financial district, have to be upgraded in terms of capacity.

Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. LondonBank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. London

For BSCU Project, Dragados UK Branch ordered GH Cranes a very special 35 ton capacity goliath crane with 5,45 m span and 2,75 m useful cantilever with 10 m high legs and hook path of 44 m. The capacity of the cantilever was limited into 6 tons and due to the works site and situation and in order to avoid annoying works noises to the neighbors, Dragados tried to lower this noise level making a total special cover to the trolley.

Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. LondonBank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. London

Professional Lifting Services (PLS) from Sheffield, was responsible for erecting and installing the goliath crane with GH staff support. This was a challenging work due to the narrow situation of the works but once again, PLS with GH staff made a great job erecting and installing the crane in five days.

Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. London Bank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. LondonBank station capacity upgrade (BSCU) Project. London

Pórtico 30/10t para Ferrovial en Londres

Detalles de fabricación de grúa pórtico birraíl con carro abierto de 30/10t de capacidad y 46,1m de recorrido.

_MG_3820_MG_3812 _MG_3817 _MG_3869

Cliente: FLO (Ferrovial Laing o Rourke JV).
Lugar de instalación: Londres.

_MG_3825 _MG_3827 20160408_121453

Esta grúa pórtico tiene 32m. de luz con dos voladizos de 5,5m. Debido a su gran tamaño las vigas van partidas.

30/10 ton capacity goliath crane with span of 5.5 + 32 + 5,5 m  (useful cantilevers) and height of lift 46 m.

GH customer is FLO, J.V. (Joint Venture in between Ferrovial and Laing O’ Rourke).

The goliath crane will be working at NLE Project in London (Northern Line Extension Project). The project is based in two new metro lines in the Northern Line. End customer is London Underground (L.U.)

Gantry crane for manufacturing underground subway in London

Gantry cranes with 40t and 25/10t capacity, used for handling segments in the manufacture of underground subway in London.

metro-londres-grua-portico-01 metro-londres-grua-portico-02

Grúas pórtico de 40t y 25/10t de capacidad, utilizadas para el manejo de dovelas en la fabricación del metro de Londres.