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50/10 t Gantry crane Kit for PTC Group LTD

Manufacturing process of two similar gantry crane Kit, both with 38.5 m span and 2 hoists, the main with 26.5 m HOL and the auxiliary with 29 m HOL.

Client: PTC Group LTD. 
Installation Location: Dubai

The main lift is performed by a GHG 50 t capacity double girder hoist with end carriages, M5 duty, and the auxiliary hoist by a fixed GHE 10 t in M6 duty. Both function independently.

_MG_9025 _MG_9028

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Double girder gantry crane with end carridge 40/16 t for Flowserve

Manufacturing process of double girder gantry crane with end carriage 40/16 t capacity, 17.9 m span and 14.5 m HOL

Client : Flowserve
Instalation place : Madrid

The hoist motion is performed by a GHF double girder hoist with end carriage, which will work with a 40 t spreader beam.  The auxiliary hoist is a GHE single girder hoist in M6 working group both hoist and cross travel motion.

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