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Plant for maintenance of reaction jets for King Abdul Aziz International

We recently received one of the biggest kit orders ever received by GH in the international stage.

In this project, which GH has managed coupled with our distributor in that country, ETIHAD Cranes & lifting Solutions, forty-five kits for EOT cranes and one kit for a gantry will be delivered. Some of the EOT cranes have two lifting speeds, so the number of hoists is 71 units.


The project comes in the midst of this Arab country’s commitment towards diversification, and it consists of the building of a plant for the auxiliary maintenance of reaction jets in a facility within the complex King Abdul Aziz International.

The investment this delivery is part of has a total funding of $125 million. It began in January 2013 and its finishing is scheduled for May 2016 The final customer is Saudi Aerospace Engineering industries and the contracting company is Freyssinet Saudi Arabia.

_MG_9053 _MG_9037

For GH, this order reaffirms our business strategy in all the Arab countries, and specially in the Arabian peninsula and its emirates.


50/10 t Gantry crane Kit for PTC Group LTD

Manufacturing process of two similar gantry crane Kit, both with 38.5 m span and 2 hoists, the main with 26.5 m HOL and the auxiliary with 29 m HOL.

Client: PTC Group LTD. 
Installation Location: Dubai

The main lift is performed by a GHG 50 t capacity double girder hoist with end carriages, M5 duty, and the auxiliary hoist by a fixed GHE 10 t in M6 duty. Both function independently.

_MG_9025 _MG_9028

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