GH participates in the Smart Crane project, a comprehensive artificial vision solution to minimise accidents

GH is participating in the SMART CRANE research project, which aims to develop a new comprehensive artificial vision solution capable of providing the bridge cranes used in factories and industrial buildings with intelligence and predictive capacity, with a view to optimising productivity and avoiding accidents involving both people and materials. 

The challenge for Smart Crane is to develop a new technology capable of minimising the accidents caused by the moving of loads with bridge cranes. This will allow continuous inspection of premises without having to visit, eliminating the human factor and improving safety conditions in the industrial field. This means that if an object or person enters a safety zone, the new technology has to identify it, establish its size, sound an alarm in response to the situation and, where appropriate, stop the operation.

Together, these actions are intended to obtain:

  • A substantial improvement in smart safety measures and tools for the prevention of accidents involving people, equipment and materials in the industrial environment.
  • The minimising of human errors related to the handling of this type of machinery.
  • The possibility of modernising and adapting the current fleet of bridge cranes in accordance with the criteria and parameters of Industry 4.0.

Additionally, the project raises the possibility of extrapolation to future work, including its extension to other activities related to the production cycle in the area of ​​bridge cranes, such as logistics (identification of storage areas, stock control), production control (automatic control of parts, traceability), and quality (control of defects, detection of marking on parts), etc.

Smart Crane is a project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, through the Call for proposals from Innovative Business Groups for the year 2021, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.