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The Universe of George H.B. - A meeting in Singapur


Our vision of the company goes beyond what reality itself shows us.

To understand the future, a few years ago we hired George Hans Bridge (GHB) as an «international observer».

He has his own life in a comic that announces and describes the future. We hired him because he represents many of the values of GH: He is well prepared, universal, audacious, courageous and capable of understanding the world.

He is a modern English gentleman who now helps us to interpret the future.

Here, he explains how he was able to convince Mr. Lee that GH is a winning bet.
Fiction, reality? Judge yourselves.

New instalations of our distributor MPH Cranes

MPH Cranes has just been awarded the project to supply and build their crane for Yeo Hiap Seng or better known as YEOS at their new Camboya plant.

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The commissioning of 4 Units of Overhead Cranes from our Penang branch (Malaysia), 4 Units of Electric Overhead Crane with span of more than 35m ranging from 6.3Ton to 10 Ton.

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We are proud to be part of Singapore‘s nation building. The depot in the west side of the island that are being used for the maintenance of our public buses with the cranes that are being built by MPH cranes.

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From Overhead Cranes to JIB cranes, MTU Asia‘s New Jalan Tukang Factory is one of MPH Cranes major projects in Singapore. A total of 48 units has been installed in the factory.

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