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Certex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing construction


Integral solutions adapted to the needs of the client.

Thinking globally allows us to offer specific solutions that can be adapted to the requirements and working systems at our client’s facilities.

This is the case for the combination of products that have been installed at the facilities of the company CONFAC in Denmark. CONFAC is a company that manufactures precast concrete for housing construction.

The system for manufacturing and storing the parts required four bridge cranes, a transfer cart and an external gantry crane, all working together in a continuous and timed process.

The cranes used in the mould-handling process and for the manufacture of the pieces, which are transported outside using a transfer cart and then finally stored in the exterior patio using a gantry crane, are installed in the main hall.

The cranes have drives for all movements, which allow smooth movement of the load and increased speed when the crane is working with 25% of the load capacity.

The characteristics of the products installed are as follows:

  • 25 t and 20 t bi-rail bridge cranes, with 24 m span.
  • 7.5 t and 3.2 t bi-rail bridge cranes.
  • 10×3 m transfer cart with capacity of 60 t.
  • 25 t gantry crane with 30 m span and 10 m cantilevers. It has electric rotation in the hook to make handling the pieces easier.

This project has been managed by Certex, our official distributor in Denmark.

Certex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing constructionCertex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing constructionCertex GH KRANER Confac precast concrete for housing construction

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CertexDk, our official distributor in Denmark, erects 2 EOT Cranes for EMS ApS.

Photos showing the installation carried out by «Certex«, our agent in Denmark, for the company EMS ApS in Esbjerg. This company is dedicated to providing solutions for the Marine, Oil and Gas, Renewables and Construction Industry, offering engineering consulting for Structure, Piping and Mechanics.

EOT Cranes for EMS ApS, CertexDk in Denmark

In the company’s facilities, two monorail bridge cranes with a GHD13 suspended hoist have been erected, with 10t of lifting capacity, 7.2m of lifting height and 20,162m of crane span.

EOT Cranes for EMS ApS, CertexDk in DenmarkEOT Cranes for EMS ApS, CertexDk in Denmark

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Single girder EOT Cranes installed in Silkeborg Kraftvarmevaerk

Installation for Silkeborg Kraftvarmevaerk in Denmark,  for two units of 2 ton capacity single girder EOT cranes with 15 m span, where initially KITO chain hoists where installed on the cranes (hoists supplied by customer).

Due to the big height of lift and slow speed on lifting motion, customer requested to remove chain hoists and add GHA-12 wire rope hoists which are quite a lot faster in all motions.

The installation of cranes was made by CERTEX Dk, official partner of GH crane for Danish market.