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In LGH they manufacture high quality cranes and also give a good post-sale service


In LGH they manufacture high quality cranes and also give a good post-sale service with a good level of safety and safe systems for operations.

GH has been present in Thailand for more than 20 years through its local partner Peera Laohakarniyom, with whom it has carried out all its activity in the country in a very satisfactory way.

As a result of this collaboration, seven years ago Peera and GH decided to increase their level of collaboration and set up the LGH joint venture, to make complete cranes for the Thai market.

In this new phase, GH is achieving great penetration through key customers within the Thai market that demand the high standards of quality and competitiveness of both Peera and GH.

One of these companies, Sino Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited (STECON), has been a key GH customer in the past and more recently has ordered a total of seven gantry cranes, one of them (160 tonnes) having made a name for itself as the largest gantry crane installed in the country.

To get to know this customer better and find out about the company’s impressions, we have interviewed Senior Engineer Paruehat Gonbang who has been the contact within the company.

In LGH they manufacture high quality cranes and also give a good post-sale service

Paruehat Gonbang: Senior Engineer at Sino Thai Engineering & Construction Public Company Limited (STECON).

Read interview in GH’NEWS 19.

WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok


Seminar in Thailand to present the technological innovations that GH Cranes incorporates into its equipment.

On 20 and 21 July GH organised a double meeting with top-level Thai customers to present the latest developments and technological innovations incorporated into our equipment. The meeting also served to give a broad overview of GH capabilities in the country and to introduce our integrated team in the joint venture we have with Peera Lohakarnlyon: LGH.

In another of the sessions, all the distributors from Southeast Asia, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia met together so that they could be provided with the same information that was given to the customers and with the aim of improving interaction by listening to their ideas and suggested areas for improvement.

The two seminars were held at the LGH premises in Chonburi and both customers and distributors could see first-hand the improvements to our new GHE17 hoist, the regenerative hoist and other technological developments that GH has incorporated into its products.

To round off, both groups were offered a tour of the production facilities where they were able to inspect the crane manufacturing process, as well as the quality standards and reliability requirements for our cranes.

The two events served to confirm the commitment of GH to this geographical area of ​​the world and to acknowledge the presence of a great team of people willing to give the best possible service based on their proximity to customers.

It is only a small step in terms of the presence of GH in Southeast Asia, but a great leap for the stimulation of our activity in the area, which we are confident will bring its rewards.

WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in BangkokWIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok

Video «LGH: The story of a passion.»Win-Win-top-customers-meeting-y-regional-seminar-en-Bangkok

Aida Project

Double girder EOT crane 50/3.2t lifting capacity with two hoists on one crab, Span 22.50m and HOL 10m.

This crane has been manufactured by Lee Machinery (Thailand) for AIDA; Japanese company who’s activity in this plant is assembly of stamping presses.

10711035_294098997451526_2582438189983464385_n_R AIDA_HOIST (1) Sigue leyendo