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Jose Antonio Astigarraga, Director of the Crane Components Business Unit


For us, our market is the world, but we must not forget that GH’s plans for international implementation are strategic.

José Antonio Astigarraga, director of the Crane Components Business Unit, offers us his unique view on the management of this core part of GH’s business.

The main challenges we face are, in this order: innovation, to make GH a leader in innovation within the PREMIUM market, adding more value to the product and maintaining a competitive price level.

Second, to offer the market a product range that is as complete and broad as possible.
We need to be able to provide global lifting solutions, from lightweight cranes and chain hoists to high capacity cable hoists.

Third, customer satisfaction: Building the loyalty of our customers and those of our distributors through a product and service that meets their demands and expectations.

Also, providing our distributors and subsidiaries, our real “travel companions”, with the tools and arguments necessary for them to develop their businesses in their respective markets. In this way, we promote a WIN-WIN situation which benefits all.

And, finally, to create a sense of belonging within the Business Unit (BU), share the objectives and assess the performance of the people who make up the unit.

The equipment that makes up the current GH range is of the very highest technological level. We can compete with multinationals with far greater resources on an equal footing and come through with flying colours.

I would like to highlight some differentiators:

  • Standard variable-frequency drive for lifting up to GHE17 (released soon).
  • Hoists with the best drive system in the market.
  • Bolt load cell and special lifting cables as standard.
  • COREBOX as standard in the very near future.

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GHE17 hoist


WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok


Seminar in Thailand to present the technological innovations that GH Cranes incorporates into its equipment.

On 20 and 21 July GH organised a double meeting with top-level Thai customers to present the latest developments and technological innovations incorporated into our equipment. The meeting also served to give a broad overview of GH capabilities in the country and to introduce our integrated team in the joint venture we have with Peera Lohakarnlyon: LGH.

In another of the sessions, all the distributors from Southeast Asia, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia met together so that they could be provided with the same information that was given to the customers and with the aim of improving interaction by listening to their ideas and suggested areas for improvement.

The two seminars were held at the LGH premises in Chonburi and both customers and distributors could see first-hand the improvements to our new GHE17 hoist, the regenerative hoist and other technological developments that GH has incorporated into its products.

To round off, both groups were offered a tour of the production facilities where they were able to inspect the crane manufacturing process, as well as the quality standards and reliability requirements for our cranes.

The two events served to confirm the commitment of GH to this geographical area of ​​the world and to acknowledge the presence of a great team of people willing to give the best possible service based on their proximity to customers.

It is only a small step in terms of the presence of GH in Southeast Asia, but a great leap for the stimulation of our activity in the area, which we are confident will bring its rewards.

WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in BangkokWIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok

Video “LGH: The story of a passion.”Win-Win-top-customers-meeting-y-regional-seminar-en-Bangkok

Win-Win top customers meeting y regional seminar en Bangkok


Seminario en Tailandia para presentar las novedades tecnológicas que GH Cranes incorpora a sus equipos.

Los pasados días 20 y 21 de Julio GH organizó un doble encuentro con clientes tailandeses de primer nivel para presentar los últimos desarrollos e innovaciones tecnológicas incorporados a nuestros equipos. El encuentro sirvió además para dar una visión amplia de las capacidades de GH en el país y nuestro equipo integrado en la Joint Venture que tenemos con Peera Lohakarniyon: LGH.

En otra de las sesiones se reunió a todos los distribuidores del sudeste asiático más Korea del sur, Nueva Zelanda y Australia para ofrecer la misma información que a los clientes y para logar interactuar mejor escuchando sus ideas y áreas de mejora.

Los dos seminarios se llevaron a cabo en las instalaciones de LGH en Chonburi y tanto clientes como distribuidores pudieron palpar “in situ” las mejoras de nuestro nuevo polipasto GHE17, el polipasto regenerativo y otros desarrollos tecnológicos que GH ha incorporado a sus productos.

Para finalizar a ambos grupos se les ofreció un tour por las instalaciones productivas en las que pudieron comprobar el proceso de fabricación de las grúas, así como los estándares de calidad y exigencia de fiabilidad en nuestras grúas.

Los dos eventos sirvieron para confirmar la apuesta de GH por esta área geográfica del mundo y la constatación de la presencia de un gran equipo de personas dispuestas a dar el mejor servicio posible desde la cercanía a los clientes.

Es tan solo un pequeño paso en la presencia de GH en el sudeste asiático, pero un gran salto en el estimulo de nuestra actividad en la zona, que seguro que dará sus resultados.

Win-Win top customers meeting y regional seminar en Bangkok

Vídeo “LGH: La historia de una pasión.”Win-Win-top-customers-meeting-y-regional-seminar-en-Bangkok