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WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok


Seminar in Thailand to present the technological innovations that GH Cranes incorporates into its equipment.

On 20 and 21 July GH organised a double meeting with top-level Thai customers to present the latest developments and technological innovations incorporated into our equipment. The meeting also served to give a broad overview of GH capabilities in the country and to introduce our integrated team in the joint venture we have with Peera Lohakarnlyon: LGH.

In another of the sessions, all the distributors from Southeast Asia, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia met together so that they could be provided with the same information that was given to the customers and with the aim of improving interaction by listening to their ideas and suggested areas for improvement.

The two seminars were held at the LGH premises in Chonburi and both customers and distributors could see first-hand the improvements to our new GHE17 hoist, the regenerative hoist and other technological developments that GH has incorporated into its products.

To round off, both groups were offered a tour of the production facilities where they were able to inspect the crane manufacturing process, as well as the quality standards and reliability requirements for our cranes.

The two events served to confirm the commitment of GH to this geographical area of ​​the world and to acknowledge the presence of a great team of people willing to give the best possible service based on their proximity to customers.

It is only a small step in terms of the presence of GH in Southeast Asia, but a great leap for the stimulation of our activity in the area, which we are confident will bring its rewards.

WIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in BangkokWIN-WIN top customers programme and regional seminar in Bangkok

Video «LGH: The story of a passion.»Win-Win-top-customers-meeting-y-regional-seminar-en-Bangkok

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Twin Hoist, regenerative inverter on standard equipment, and the new GHE17.

Once again this year, we will be present at the CeMAT Fair, which will take place in Hanover from 23 to 27 April 2018. We invite you to visit our stand (Hall 24, Stand C47) – an interactive, participatory space where you will be able to see our new generation of hoists in person. Come to see us and find out about our regenerative hoists, our revolutionary Twin Hoist and as well the new GHE17.

At our stand, we will be presenting our innovations:

GHE17: GH expands the range of its new generation hoists after the GHA12, GHB11 and GHD13 in another range. The good reception in the market of new equipment during the last years, now adds the GHE17 which means to increase the level of lifting capacity up to 20 Tn within our standard concept. The robust design of this new equipment is combined with the modular philosophy through a bolting system that makes this GHE17 a modern and attractive hoist.

The regenerative hoist.  Energy efficiency for cranes has finally arrived. This hoist’s innovate system enables the kinetic energy in the braking process to be recovered and transformed into electrical energy. This innovation allows electricity cost savings by leveraging the power generated by the system itself for use in the electrical network.

Twin Hoist. Up to 200t synchronised lifting thanks to Core+. The most powerful on the market. Allows vertical lifting without lateral displacement through the synchronisation of the two hoists, thanks to the built-in CORE+ system. It has an intelligent control unit that is built into all GH products. It also has logging, connectivity, operational and safety functionality.

GH continues working to become a world leader in terms of providing service to its customers. Therefore, it is expanding its extensive range of hoists by offering solutions that are increasingly effective, efficient and powerful. In this way, the company is moving towards Industry 4.0 in the world of the smart crane: innovations based on information technology, smart cranes which are capable of self-diagnosis, and mechanisms capable of communicating with other machines and also with people in an interactive and immediate way.

More information about the CeMAT fair.

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The main aim of GH at the fair is to transmit its strategic focus for the next few years: to take the world of lifting systems forward. And to take its customers with it.

That is GH’s commitment.

GH: Lifting your world.