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BILFAL Project in Saudi Arabia

Double-girder gantry kit 100 + 50t.

Client: BILFAL Heavy Industries Ltd.
Installation Location: Saudi Arabia

The main lift is performed by a 100 ton capacity trolley with a GHG lifting gearbox for a 18.4m hol and a double hook, which will go on a gantry of 30m span.

In the pictures you can see a 50 ton hoist with double girder GHF with simple hook and 18m hol which will perform the auxiliary lifting.

Both hoists have a work with a load summing limiter ALM-100N and work both independently and in synchronized.

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2x50t Automotive gantry crane for Tuberías y Prefabricados, S.A.

This pictures correspond to the installation by GH Cranes & Components to move prefabricated concrete blocks, large Length.

Fotos de varios pórticos automotores industriales fabricados para la empresa Tuberías y Prefabricados, S.A. en Cabezón de Pisuerga.

Estos pórticos pueden trabajar sincronizados para el manejo de bloques prefabricados de hormigón, de gran longitud.

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