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“GH StartUp Factory is a tool that will allow us to develop and integrate new technologies into our products and processes in a more dynamic way and faster”

GH has launched GH StartUp Factory, a new unit that seeks to streamline the corporation’s processes of collaboration with different startups. To find out more about how it works, we spoke to the two people who will be in charge of this new unit: Ines Puyadena and Eneko Ariznabarreta.

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“GH StartUp Factory es una herramienta que nos va a permitir desarrollar e integrar nuevas tecnologías en nuestros productos y procesos con mayor dinamismo y velocidad”

GH ha puesto en marcha GH StartUp Factory, una nueva unidad que busca agilizar los procesos de colaboración de la Corporación con diferentes startups. Para saber más acerca de su funcionamiento, hablamos con las dos personas que estarán al frente de esta nueva unidad: Ines Puyadena y Eneko Ariznabarreta.

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Marcin Ciszkiewicz (GH POLAND production manager): “More and more customers expect comprehensive order fulfilment, from design to assembly and certification”

How would you classify the production plant in Poland?
Over the last few years, we have observed an increase in the share of special cranes in our order portfolio. These are cranes for the energy sector as well as the steel processing industry and incineration plants, both from local government and private investments. In addition, we have been equipping these cranes this year with open winches, built here in Poland in cooperation with steel processing plants. We also managed to complete several orders for gantry cranes of various sizes (the largest with a span of over 44m using the technology of divided girders) and several transfer carts with electric GH drives. Steel beams have a significant share in the production tonnage, the production of which will amount to approximately 1000 m (40% of the total processing of steel tonnage). Sigue leyendo