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GH Poland has taken part in the scientific conference, concerning multimedia solutions in business

Ewelina Klizner-Ciszkiewicz – the Managing Director of GH Poland has delivered the presentation titled: “Intelligent cranes. Innovation based on information technology”.

The presented solution – CoreBox – has aroused interest among participants of the conference also during conversations in the lobby. They have discussed all the advantages of this innovation within the scope of using intelligent technical solutions. The conference, the aim of which is the exchange of experience, is the continuation of international meetings concerning science and business.

13th International Conference Thermal Treatment of Waste

GH Cranes Poland  – the leader in the market, that supplies advanced automatic cranes to more than a half of incineration plants built in Poland, took part in the 13th International Conference on ‘Thermal Waste Treatment – From Plans To Implementation, that has taken place in Poznań.


The conference consisted of six sessions about the development of new technologies in thermal waste treatment, operational experience of already existing waste treatment plants and plans of building new installations. It was attended by people of science, investors, general contractors and leading companies that offer new technologies to thermal waste treatment plants.


Plans are already a few years behind us, behind us is also the whole cycle of pre-investment and investment of construction of the municipal waste thermal treatment plants. The WtE plants in Poland now became a reality. Approximately one million tons of municipal waste per year gets to the grid of WtE plant,  thus introducing national waste management on a much higher level of its advancement. This process has placed Poland in the group of EU countries, that are basing their waste management system not only on landfilling, allowing at the same time to get closer to latest standards and challenges given by a circular economy.

Samojezdne suwnice bramowe dla Pekabex

Przemysłowe samojezdne suwnice bramowe GH65I zainstalowane w Poznaniu w Polsce.
Klient: Pekabex
Udźwig: 60T
Rozpiętość: 7750mm
Wysokość podnoszenia: wysokość użytkowa pod trawersą wynosi 5750mm

Suwnice są wyposażone w specjalne oprzyrządowanie, służące do manipulowania betonowymi segmentami w procesie produkcyjnym wież do turbin wiatrowych.

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Self-propelled gantry for PEKABEX
Industrial automotive gantry cranes GH65I intalled in Poznan, Poland.
Capacity: 60tn under usable height
Span:  7750mm
Lifting height: Usable height under the boom is 5750mm

The crane is equipped with a special tool to manipulate concrete voussoirs in the manufacturing process of wind turbines.

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Pórtico automotor industrial GH65I instalado en Poznan, Polonia.
Cliente: PEKABEX
Capacidad: 60tn bajo útil
Luz:  7750mm
Altura de elevación: Altura útil bajo traviesa son 5750mm

El pórtico dispone de un útil especial para manipulación de dovelas de hormigón para la fabricación de torres Eólicas.

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Suwnice-portowe-GH-Pekabex-Poznan-01 Suwnice-portowe-GH-Pekabex-Poznan-02