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Installation Cement Warta in Poland

The characteristicsof this facilityare:

Product Type: Bridge crane with open winch and 8m3 grab
Capacity: 10,5t
Span: 17m
Lifting height: 15m
Client: Cementownia Warta / Cement Warta
Installation Location: Trębaczew, region Łódź, Poland
Sector: Cement (RSU)
Interest information: Incorporates anti-sway system, cell weighing system by compensating pulley bolt. Plant capacity 138,600 t / year.

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Club Deportivo del Mediterráneo (Málaga)

12.5 t capacity, 7 m arm and 8 m HOL marine Jib crane installation.

Client: Club Deportivo del Mediterráneo
Installation Location: Málaga

CIMG0930 CIMG0931

Instalada grúa pluma de puerto de 12,5t de capacidad brazo de 7m y altura de elevación de 8m.

Cliente: Club Deportivo del Mediterráneo
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Crane recently installed in SAKANA, S. Coop.

This is been working properly a recently install gantry crane in Sakana, S. Coop. Alsasua. This is a double girder 40t capacity gantry crane that will work with an old GH gantry crane.

It has also installed a small crane 5t capacity to work inside the workshop.

20140703_103105 20140703_102451

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