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Gantry crane for Dam and Power plan in Asyut.

Commisioning of gantry cranes in the city of Asyut (Egypt), there are being assembled for future dam and power plan on the River Nile.

Those gantry cranes are with 21m of span and lifting capacity of 60t / 10t  at 13m.

GH has installed in this area others gantry cranes with 110/10t, 50/10t and 60/10t.

Client: Andrytz hidro.

IMG-20150921-00440 IMG-20150921-00441 12045324_892843527430909_8283710502641860219_o

Pórticos para presa y central hidroeléctrica en Asiut

Puesta en marcha de grúas pórticos en la ciudad de Asiut (Egipto), están siendo montados para una futura presa y central hidroeléctrica en el río Nilo.

Los pórticos de 21m de luz, tienen una capacidad de elevación de 60T/10T a 13m.

GH tiene instalados en esta zona otras grúas pórtico de 110T/10, 50T/10, 60T/10.

Cliente: Andrytz hidro.


Gantry Cranes for our dealer in Saudi “Etihad Cranes”.

Some picture form installation and commission of the Gantries.  One of them Capacity 10+10Tm and 18mts height, and the other Capacity 100+50Tm and 21 mts height.
They were installed in Bilfal facilities in Yanbu (Saudi Arabia).

grua-portico-GH-EtihadCranes-01 Gantry-cranes-GH-EtihadCranes-02Gantry-cranes-GH-EtihadCranes-01
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Grúas pórticos para Etihad Cranes.
Venta de kits con puesta en marcha de dos pórticos, para nuestro distribuidor en Arabia Saudí. Un de ellos de 10+10t y 18m de altura y el otro de 100+50t  y 21m de altura.
Se han montado en las instalaciones de BILFAL en la ciudad de Yanbu en Arabia saudí.
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New investment in Chicago to reinforce our presence in the american market

Early in 2014 GH decided to make a new investment in our current facilities in Chicago to reinforce our commitment to the American market.

This investment of $1.3 million includes land and a new building that will be operational in the first quarter of 2015.

The building’s dimensions are 53X24m (175’x80’) and will house our spare parts inventory for North America. This facility will also provide a location for after-sales support for all GH products. Sigue leyendo