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High speed train line installation in Saudi Arabia

GH CRANES & COMPONENTS has installed several gantry cranes in Saudi Arabia for Copasa Arabia Co Ltd, for the high speed train line that goes from Mecca to MEDINA passing through Jeddah.


We have worked in the Work Base 1, where the bigantry cranes that fuel the rail soldering line (they put together 50 metres long rails by means of special soldering and they form one 300 metres long rail) have been assembled.

Once soldered, they store it with the help of fixed gantries that have been assembled, which are 22 units.

IMG_9814 IMG_9812IMG_9804

It has also been carried out the assemblage of other two bigantries for the assemblage of track changes. Each of these bigantries carried 250 metres of armoured line.

At the same time, in Madinat Work base 4 the assemblage of two bigantries has been carried out, also for the assemblage of track changes, and a bridge crane in an industrial unit for motor material (locomotive maintenance, etc).