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GH offers more productivity for the same price

In GH we know that our customers’ dream is to produce more in less time.


That’s why we’ve been the first to introduce a frequency inverter as standard. With that we increase speed when unloaded up to 60% and we improve precision.


Moreover, GH’s standard cross and long travel speeds are faster than the ones offered by our competitors.


Let’s see the difference with one complete cycle.

The lifting speed for loads equal or higher than 25% is similar to other brands. But GH’s cross and long travel speeds are higher in all cases.

If we calculate the total difference we’ll see that with GH it takes 3,625 minutes to complete a cycle. We can make 15 cycles every hour.

And, with other brands, it’s 4.5 minutes. 12 cycles per hour.

Let’s discuss this in euros.


If the purchasing manager of a recycling station is doubting between GH and other brands, he can verify that with us he’ll be able to invoice 2.475.000 euros more per year. That’ll make him happier.

To sum up, we’ve added a frequency inverter in lifting to increase productivity and enable you to do more business.


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CoreBox is the next generation of electronic limiters

CoreBox is the next generation of electronic limiters that helps you manage and control your cranes wherever you are.

CoreBox is the new technological challenge for control and communication with every included by GH.


CoreBox GH is an integral standard solution for your lifting equipment’s remote monitoring.

CoreBox gives you control of the information you need to work safely, efficiently and productively with your GH lifting equipment. All in a world connected by 3G / GPRS, Wi-Fi or USB.

CoreBox DFB (data feedback) monitors information through the screen integrated in the wireless controller, such as suspended load weight. It also monitors the state of engine temperature and the state of preventive maintenance by date and / or SWP, all in real time.


CoreBox App, the new tool for GH lifting equipment users. With direct connection via WI-FI or GPRS, the app monitors via smartphone and tablet premium features like SWP, number of overhead crane operations and working hours.

The app also shows the status of different alarms such as engine temperature, preventive maintenance reviews, SWP

CoreBox App in the latest version adds the most relevant information of frequency inverters installed for overhead crane operations. It includes real-time access to information and records of the lifted weight.

CoreBox Service: the easiest way for GH Service specialists to take care of your lifting equipment. We provide the most complete information through the CoreBox Service platform. All according to the working cycles as indicated by the UNE EN 13001-1 standard.

Any unfore seen problem, and you’ll be connected to our central software maintenance. We will detect any faults and help you solve them without any unexpected charges or travel costs.

Move your world, wherever you are. That is the GH commitment.

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New investment in Chicago to reinforce our presence in the american market

Early in 2014 GH decided to make a new investment in our current facilities in Chicago to reinforce our commitment to the American market.

This investment of $1.3 million includes land and a new building that will be operational in the first quarter of 2015.

The building’s dimensions are 53X24m (175’x80’) and will house our spare parts inventory for North America. This facility will also provide a location for after-sales support for all GH products. Sigue leyendo