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Transfer cart for the transport of Acciona wind turbines produced by Acciona Wind

In these facilities in Barasoain (Navarre), we can see these transfer carts being used to transport wind turbine nacelles produced by Acciona Wind.

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Carretón para el transporte de aerogeneradores de Acciona.
En las instalaciones de Barásoain (Navarra), podemos apreciar como estos carretones transportan las góndolas de los aerogeneradores fabricados por Acciona Wind.

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carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-03 carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-01carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-04carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-02 carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-05 carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-08 carreton-GH-aerogenerador-acciona-06

New investment in Chicago to reinforce our presence in the american market

Early in 2014 GH decided to make a new investment in our current facilities in Chicago to reinforce our commitment to the American market.

This investment of $1.3 million includes land and a new building that will be operational in the first quarter of 2015.

The building’s dimensions are 53X24m (175’x80’) and will house our spare parts inventory for North America. This facility will also provide a location for after-sales support for all GH products. Sigue leyendo