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Transfer cart for the transport of Acciona wind turbines produced by Acciona Wind

In these facilities in Barasoain (Navarre), we can see these transfer carts being used to transport wind turbine nacelles produced by Acciona Wind.

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Carretón para el transporte de aerogeneradores de Acciona.
En las instalaciones de Barásoain (Navarra), podemos apreciar como estos carretones transportan las góndolas de los aerogeneradores fabricados por Acciona Wind.

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ACCIONA Windpower’s main market, (Brazil)

The ACCIONA Group has contracts in the country – either signed or contingent – for the supply of turbines totaling 837 megawatts (MW). All these contracts are for the company’s 3 MW turbine. The commercial success is based on its ability to adapt to the constant, low-turbulence winds that are characteristic of the country, which ensures high production capacity. See video.

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Double girder gantry crane for Acciona

Manufacturing process of 125t capacity and 25m span double girder gantry crane with open winch

Client: Acciona Windpower, S.A.
Place of installation: Castellón (Spain)

The hoist has a lifting range of 12 M. Same with all lifting systems  that are manufactured for Acciona, it is painted white for corporate with client.

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