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Bridge Crane – Load Test 15 Ton (with Water bag)

GH has successfully erected the turbine crane, for Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant in Liberia for our customer, Voith Hydro.

Voith-Hydro-03 Voith-Hydro-04Voith-Hydro-05 Voith-Hydro-06Voith-Hydro-07

In the pictures, the moment when making the load test is shown

voithhydro2 Hydropower02 Hydropower01

Instalada la grúa puente para Voith Hydro, con carro abierto de 95t y 15t de capacidad de elevación, en Mount Coffee (Liberia), para la planta hidroeléctrica de su proyecto Hydropower.

En las imágenes se muestra el momento en el que se realizaron las prueba de carga.

voithhydro5voithhydro3 voithhydro4voithhydro1

Double girder bridge crane with open winch for Voith Hydro

Manufacturing process for a double girder bridge crane with 95/15 tns open winch capacity, 15,6 M span and 17 M of lifting hight.

Client : VOITH HYDRO GmbH & CO
Installation place : Germany

The crane allow a distance of 17 m lifting elevation, and it go with bolt load cell with display, as shown in he photos.

It also has platform in the carriage and small balconies in gearbox motors.
The auxiliary hoist is GHF single girder with 26.3 m travelling cable go with it. Sigue leyendo