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GH gets its biggest ever order in the external market

The project consists of providing equipment dor a 4800 MW plant in Egypt. Our customers is ORASCOM, the main building company in that country, with which we have a long trajectory of co-operation, with GH providing important deliveries in the past.


This project is an important step forward for GH and a reaffirment for our international projection. The requirements, made both by the Egyptian company and by its European partner, position us in the best situation to address these challenges in the future.

To finance this important infrastructure in the African country, ORASCOM has temporarily merged with SIEMENS. Funding will be provided by the an Italian organism supporting development of African countries.

The order consists of twenty cranes, eight of which are open winch, and the amount is € 6.3 million The African continent is GH’s next expansion challenge and Egypt is one of the ports of entry to this important market in the future.

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GH consigue el mayor pedido de su historia en el mercado exterior.

El proyecto consiste en el equipamiento de una planta de ciclo combinado de 4800 MW en Egipto. Nuestro cliente es ORASCOM y es la principal empresa de construcción de Egipto con la que ya tenemos una amplia trayectoria de varios suministros importantes que GH ha realizado anteriormente con esta empresa egipcia.

Este proyecto supone un espaldarazo para GH y la confirmación de nuestra proyección internacional. Las exigencias en materia técnica tanto de la empresa egipcia como de su socio europeo nos colocan en la mejor posición para abordar proyectos de este tipo en el futuro.


Para abordar esta importante infraestructura para el país africano, ORASCOM ha hecho una UTE con SIEMENS. El proyecto ha sido financiado por un organismo Italiano para el desarrollo de países africanos.

El pedido consiste en 20 grúas puente, ocho de ellas con carro abierto y asciende a 6,3 millones de Euros.

El continente africano supone el próximo reto de GH en su expansión internacional y Egipto es una de las puertas de entrada a este importante mercado para el futuro.

New investment in Chicago to reinforce our presence in the american market

Early in 2014 GH decided to make a new investment in our current facilities in Chicago to reinforce our commitment to the American market.

This investment of $1.3 million includes land and a new building that will be operational in the first quarter of 2015.

The building’s dimensions are 53X24m (175’x80’) and will house our spare parts inventory for North America. This facility will also provide a location for after-sales support for all GH products. Sigue leyendo


After 55 years in the market, our global business vision includes our reach to over 65 countries and 8 manufacturing plants around the world. This expansion allows us to progress with the concept of a “man-made connection.”

Our cranes are permanently connected with the devices that have become a necessity in today’s world: mobile phones and computers.

Developing our own technology has made us aware of the correct and rational use of our cranes products. We strive to extend their working life, minimize maintenance costs and providing our customers with valuable information. Sigue leyendo