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Our assemblers represent the front line that makes it possible for GH projects to reach a happy and satisfactory conclusion for our customers.

GH assemblers who travel the world, who face the challenges presented by difficult schedules, cultures and languages and who mix with very different kinds of people are the key players in stories that take place behind the scenes, out of the spotlight and the prominence which they surely deserve but which they do not seek. All of them are the product of GH’s silent evolution and they are an essential part of our business model. They know no borders and have grown in experience and confidence together with GH. They are the ones who can give us a true picture of what GH is today.

We interviewed Eduardo González, better known as «Edu», as a representative member of this group, who tells us that the hardest part of this job is being away from home and the family for so long, missing important events and the day to day lives of our children. That’s pretty hard.

Then there are the details: each place is different, the food is not the same, there are changes in climate, adaptation to other cultures, schedules, languages, etc. Hong Kong is not the same as Thailand, Egypt, Cuba, the United States, and so on. But being away from our families and the places where we live is the worst thing about it.

What is your vision of GH today?
We are part of the growth of a family business into a multinational company.

«We have reached many distant places, driven by the crisis of the national market and the need to survive. In a sense, we have saved ourselves thanks to all this expansion into the international arena.
We have succeeded in being able to assemble a special crane anywhere in the world as if we were doing it in Gipuzkoa, and now we must answer to the challenge of being able to provide our international installations with the necessary technical assistance in the same way».

Read full interview in the newsletter GH´NEWS nº 19.

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