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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

GH is a company in continuous evolution, that adapts to the market situation and the needs of the client, which is reflected in our products, although we maintain the same spirit.

We begin the new year with an evolution of our image, to reflect the evolution of the company’s own structure and our products.

This new image is presented in our 2017 calendar, where we wanted to pay tribute to industry through the eyes of GH and the artist Ángel Uranga.


Twelve months to portray the universal values and beauty of the industrial world; its strength and endurance; its machines and components. Parts that are inanimate in appearance, but that have something that only those who work in industry see: a soul.

And that soul is the beauty that we discover through art. Because machines are the result of the inventiveness of the human being, created to construct, progress and advance as a society.


Origin / Point at which the coordinate axes are cut. Where it all begins. A look at the past with a view to the future.

The machine / Set of parts that move in coordination to facilitate carrying out a job. The machine created by and for mankind.

Effort / Set of elements that interlock with each other to achieve an objective. Even if the machine stops, the cable still holds up what has been lifted. The determination to fulfil your mission.

Team / A group of people working in coordination for the same objective. Workers and cranes form lines and merge together in the same colour. Unity is strength.


Overcoming / Better every day. A change of image brings with it a more profound transformation.

Raw materials / The fundamental pillar. Everything that exists in the universe disintegrates into energy and gives meaning to life.

Work / Working in order to progress. The activity of men and the strength of machines united for the same end.

Effectiveness / In search of perfection. Not giving up so that things turn out as intended.


Progress / Advancing in technology, innovation, design. Advancing in the world. Leaving to continue growing.

Challenges / Nothing is impossible. Today’s challenge is tomorrow’s teaching.

Strength / Man and machinery overcome the limits of the laws of nature.

Union / Nothing exists on its own. The search for company to create and grow. Solitude in industry is not productive.

We take this post to congratulate the Christmas and New Year with our traditional video.


Referências Portugal 2016 (VIII)

  • Cliente: Megafusão, Lda.
    Lugar de instalação: Guimarães
    Tipo de produto: Ponte Rolante Monoviga
    Capacidade: 5 Ton.
    Vão: 15,4 metros
    Altura de elevação: 5,5 metros
    Setor: Construção Civil

  • Cliente: Empresa Industrial Sampedro, S.A.
    Lugar de instalação: Guimarães
    Tipo de produto: Ponte Rolante Monoviga
    Capacidade: 2 Ton.
    Vão: 15 metros
    Altura de elevação: 6,3 metros
    Setor: Indústria Têxtil

  • Cliente: LOMBOSER – Metalúrgica, S.A.
    Lugar de instalação: Aveiro
    Tipo de produto: Ponte Rolante Monoviga
    Capacidade: 2 Ton.
    Vão: 14,2 metros
    Altura de elevação: 4,67 metros
    Setor: Metalomecânica