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New cranes for Sakana S. Coop

Manufacturing process of several bridges crane with the following characteristics:

Double girder open winch with 80/40t capacity, gearbox GHG-4T on the main elevation with M5 working group and fixed hoist GHF with M4 working group in secondary. The span of the crane is 27.78 m and height 15.2 m elevation. and 13.6 m.

Double girder open winch with 2x125t capacity, motor-gearbox Siemens GHI-4T and M5 working group. The span of the crane is 27.78 m and the lifting height 15m.

The crane maintenance balustrade consists of both beams, platform on one of the beams in the car and maintaining space for gear motors. Further weighing means has the weighing cell with bolt + detector F.d.c. and 3-speed inverter.

It installs with online outlets for unipolar U35/400 Vahle.

Client : Sakana
Installation place : Navarra

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