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Digitalisation, cybersecurity, and technological development are key to the future of industry.

More than 100 individuals from 40 companies came together for the «Think Future Industry» workshop organised by Ikerlan, a technology centre that has been providing solutions to industry’s challenges for 45 years.  A workshop on technology and the future aimed at clients, suppliers, and administrations. The event was attended by Estíbaliz Hernáez, the Basque Government’s Deputy Minister of Technology Innovation, and Competitiveness, and closed with a round table discussion between CAF Technology and Business Development Director Iosu Ibarbia, Orona Corporate Director of Technological Innovation José Miguel Lazkanotegi, LKS Next Director General Elena Zárraga, and GH Cranes Electromechanical Industry R&D Director Pablo Pedrós. These are some of the key factors to successfully face industry’s future challenges, as identified by prominent figures from the Basque Country’s industrial fabric.

  • The penetration of digital technologies is causing an evolution to the industrial business model, which is moving from producing products to offering services.
  • It is important to make digital technology «help people» and contribute to living in a «better world».
  • The race towards ‘Industry 4.0’ requires the development of many diverse technologies, making collaboration between companies and technology centres key.
  • Offering solutions that are personalised, customised, and adapted to clients’ needs.

The #ThinkFutureIndustry event is framed by IKERLAN’s commitment to generating technological and scientific knowledge, encouraging reflection, incentivising the continuous training of human capital, promoting collaboration, and developing technological solutions with a high degree of added value to respond to companies’ needs. presencia de la viceconsejera de Tecnología, Innovación y Competitividad del Gobierno Vasco, Estíbaliz Hernáez Ikerlan Link: Ikerlan

GH OLEA GH's commitment to lead the smart crane market


It’s time to demonstrate what you have to offer.

GH Cranes, through its new GH OLEA project, launches a competition aimed at:

  • Teams made up of students who are in the last year of their undergraduate degree or master’s programme and who have innovative ideas with potential for commercial applications.
  • Teams of PhD students who are interested in applying the findings of their research commercially.

The competition consists of submitting innovation projects related to any of these three fields:

  • Safety in the handling of cranes.
  • Automation of cranes and processes.
  • Digitisation of the work processes of cranes and data processing.

Two projects will be selected, which will be awarded:
A first prize of €6,000
A second prize of €2,000

The winning teams can also develop and submit to GH CRANES a feasibility study for the creation of a company that develops the idea and industrialises it under the umbrella of the GH Group, which will co-finance the activity.

The deadline is 29 February 2020. GH CRANES will make a first selection of the best ideas and will ask the selected teams for a more detailed report on the project.

You can sign up by filling in the form on this page.

GH's bid to be a market leader in smart cranes.

GH joins the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) as a full member


In october, we received the official news that gh has been accepted as full member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA).

This news is a significant boost for our brand, because it means being recognised by this Association as a manufacturer with full membership; that is, with the right to receive information about the sector, the ability to influence its regulation and, of course, contribute our experience towards shaping the safety, control and preparation of the regulations that apply to the world of lifting equipment.

Belonging to the CMAA is not only positive for our Brand in the American market, but also a recognition that will give our international expansion a strong stimulus.


Now, apart from taking part in the “Lifting Club”, we must have a proactive attitude so that our ideas can be incorporated in this Association, and that will require significant work by people within GH that cover fields of work of the CMAA such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering (components)
  • Structural Engineering (beams, columns and runways)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Services
  • Marketing / Administration

If we had to make a comparison to illustrate this huge step in our presence in the American market, we could say that now we have risen to First Division; we have to fight to be at the top positions.

GH joins the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) as a full member.