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GH instals the IRISBOND system to use autocad

Irisbond is a company that has created a system which enables the user to control a computer with their eyes. This system is reliable, intuitive, easy to use, precise and competitive. Irisbond’s aim is to develop systems based on assisted communication technology.

Currently the company is focused on marketing its products in the sector of people with disabilities. Irisbond Primma allows the user to access, using his or her eyes, all the tools and programmes which are normally controlled with a mouse: surfing the net, listening to music, drawing, playing etc. Sigue leyendo

Happy New Year and good luck on Sheep year

感謝各位這一年來的支持, GH 中國團隊敬祝各位:

羊年行大運, 行行大豐收, 新春愉快” !!

Thank you for been with us the whole year, we will keep in touch with you and listen what you need. GH China team wishes you:

“Happy New Year and good luck on Sheep year”.

GH China Happy New Year and good luck on Sheep year

Product within a week. Solution express for hoist

This programme has had very positive results. Thus, in 2014 GH1WEEK has supposed between 15 and 20% of our production. On the other hand, even if 63% of orders have been delivered before the deadline, the average delay has been of 1.5 days. This response ratio is one of the guarantees of the programme’s success, which is already firmly established in our customers’ demands.

The growth of the programme has been specially remarkable in countries like the USA, Brazil, Canada or Malaysia.

From an industrial point of view, the most commonly demanded product using the GH1WEEK programme is hoist GHB11 (303 units), followed by GHB (264). Sigue leyendo