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12 gantry cranes for a project of tunnels and viaducts in Thailand


These gantry cranes were supplied to Stecon over the course of the last year through LGHCRANES, our subsidiary in Thailand.

Precast invert segments are a fundamental part of tunnels construction and civil work projects, given that they cover tunnel walls like a ring, thus creating a solid, durable surface.

The precast invert segments that make up the ring have different geometries, depending on their position in the ring. These precast invert segments are mounted on the tunnel to protect the shell of the shield by placing them together and screwing them in at the circumferential and radial joints.

For the Bangkok tunnels project, being currently developed by the Stecon engineering firm, a specialist in civil works and infrastructures, numerous precast reinforced concrete invert segments are required, which are stored in the yards near the pit’s access point.

The storage yards have various gantry cranes from GH Cranes to store and distribute the precast invert segments. Seven gantry cranes are in place with two 50t capacity travelling wire rope hoists and 18m lift height each. The gantry cranes have a 37.23m span. Each of these units’ wire rope hoists can work independently or in unison.

In addition to these 7 units, the location has 4 other gantry cranes, which are responsible for supplying the tunnelling machine with precast invert segments through the pit. During the drilling process, the tunnelling machine reinforces the tunnel’s walls with these precast invert segments, which means that a steady supply of segments is required in order for the tunnelling machine to continue advancing.

These gantry cranes have a 18m span, with 4m overhang on each side and a lifting height of 9.5m + 32m in the pit. Two of these cranes have a 22t capacity, and another two have a capacity of 10t. The 22t gantry cranes’ lifting speed is 30m/min, and the mechanisms are developed in work group M8. These units also stand out because of their drum safety brake.

A fifth, 2x80t capacity gantry crane is used to handle large prefab blocks.

See 2x80t gantry crane video.

For this project, GH Cranes has tasked LGHCRANES with supplying the gantry crane kits, and the company will be responsible for completing products manufacture and assembly at the client’s facilities.

Over the course of the year, various units were installed in Thailand for Stecon:

  • Nonthaburi storage area: Installation of seven, 2x50t gantry cranes for the production of concrete segments and blocks for a viaduct.
  • Bangkok, Bangna district: Installation of a 22t gantry crane for a pit (mud extraction works, tunnelling machine, and precast invert segments), and a 10t gantry crane with a 18m span and M5 lifting height of 9.5m for a stock storage area.
  • Bangkok, Prawet district: Installation of a 22t gantry crane to supply precast invert segments to the pit.
  • Bangkok: Installation of a 25t overhead crane with 8m span and a lifting height of 61m.
  • Chonburi: One gantry crane that had already been supplied but not installed, and another 10t gantry crane.

In addition to these facilities, other units have been manufactured in recent years for Stecon projects:

  • In 2014, Nonthaburi province: Installation of the first, 63+63t gantry crane with a 36m span for segments production.
  • In 2016, the same Nonthaburi storage area: Four, 5+5t bridge cranes for auxiliary work.

12 gantry cranes for a project of tunnels and viaducts in Thailand12 gantry cranes for a project of tunnels and viaducts in Thailand12 gantry cranes for a project of tunnels and viaducts in Thailand

160 tn gantry crane with rotating crab: the market recognizes us. LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.


LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.

In April 2016, GH launched a new production subsidiary in Chonburi, together with LGH Cranes.

Peera Laohakarniyon, as the new President of the company, and Gorka Zabaleta, as Managing Director, were responsible for making the presentations and show the facilities, taking the opportunity to announce the main strategic lines of the entity, as well as the latest product developments.

The event was attended by over 100 people, including Thai customers, distributors and business representatives from other countries of the area, and Authorities, who had the opportunity to have a tour through the facilities.

One of the last works carried out in this plant, which works at full capacity, has been the manufacture of a 160t gantry crane for handling of concrete segments, with a 2x80t rotating crab, span 37.23m, and a height of lift 15m, for Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Company Limited.

The quality of our products, as well as the attention and efficiency of our service, are reflected in the loyalty of our customers. Such is the case of this company, for which in addition to an EOT crane of 25t installed in December, two gantry cranes of 10t in M5 and two others of 22t with open winch and lifting speed of 30m/min have recently being manufactured, which sum up to a new order recently received of seven gantry cranes of 100t (2x50t), six of them with Span 37.23m and H16.38m, and another with Span 40m and H16.38m.

160 tn gantry crane with rotating crab: the market recognizes us. LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.160 tn gantry crane with rotating crab: the market recognizes us. LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.160 tn gantry crane with rotating crab: the market recognizes us. LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.160 tn gantry crane with rotating crab: the market recognizes us. LGH, a new challenge begins in Thailand.

Manufacturing, transport and assembly process can be seen in this video: Link YouTube.

LGH: a new challenge starts in Thailand

Last Friday and in the presence of more than 100 people, the new hall of LGH was officially opened in Bangkok. LGH is a joint venture between Peera Lohakarniyomand GH that from now on will jointly manufacture cranes destined to this market.

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The ceremony consisted in a seminar in which the new company and GH’s strategy in this part of the world were presented. Among the attendees, the main Thai customers, distributors and agents of GH from all the countries of the area, Spanish embassy staff and multinational companies that collaborate with GH, such as Danieli, could be found.

AMP_9801 AMP_9805

After the information and audio-visual material presentation, all the attendees guided by the new CEO of the company, Gorka Zabaleta, took a tour of the factory in order to explain the production flow and the incorporation of GH’s know-how.

AMP_9804 AMP_9851

Emotional moments were not missing in the ceremony, such as the Russian gymnastics champion’s performance that carried out her exercises under one of our cranes.

bIMG_0206b_J9V5358b bAMP_9932a

Finally, this opening ceremony ended with a fraternization dinner for all attendees in a restaurant of the capital, Bangkok.

The ceremony was a perfect combination of information and emotion for this new challenge of GH that starts now in Thailand.

AMP_9885 AMP_9892

LGH: un nuevo reto comienza en Tailandia

Se ha inaugurado oficialmente la nueva planta de LGH en Bangkok. LGH es una joint venture entre Peera Lohakarniyom y GH que fabricarán ahora conjuntamente las grúas destinadas para este mercado.

El acto consistió en un seminario en el que se presentó la nueva empresa y la estrategia de GH en esta zona del mundo. Entre los asistentes, se encontraban los principales clientes tailandeses, los distribuidores y agentes de GH en todos los países de la zona, personal de la embajada de España  y empresas multinacionales que colaboran con GH como Danieli.

c_J9V5439c_J9V5404 _J9V5992

Tras la presentación de la información y del material audiovisual, todos los asistentes guiados por el nuevo director General de la empresa, Gorka Zabaleta, hicieron un tour por la fábrica para explicar el flujo productivo y la incorporación del know-how de GH.

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En el acto no falto tampoco los momentos emotivos como la actuación de la campeona rusa de gimnasia que realizó sus ejercicios bajo una de nuestras grúas.

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Finalmente, esta ceremonia de apertura se culminó en una cena de confraternización para todos los asistentes en un restaurante de la capital, Bangkok.

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El acto fue una perfecta combinación entre información y emoción para este nuevo reto de GH que ahora comienza en Tailandia.

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