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FAGOR ARRASATE celebrates ten years in China.

A few days ago, in Kunshan, GH joined the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of FAGOR ARRASATE in the Land of the Red Dragon.

This Mondragón Group company is one of the leading companies in the field of capital goods on the international scene.

FAGOR ARRASATE is a worldwide specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of machine tools for metal forming, from presses and complete stamping systems to production lines for manufacturing, processing and cutting sheet metal and special complete lines for manufacturing complex sheet metal parts.

With six plants in different parts the world, the Mondragón company asserts its global presence in all the major international markets with products in seventy countries.

Founded in 1957, it is now a benchmark, being a world leader in terms of the number of installed production lines and the prestige of its products, technology, quality and research and development. Practically all the major manufacturers of motor vehicles, stamped parts, coils and other steel and aluminium products, electrical appliances, metal furniture, forged parts and electric laminates in the world have FAGOR equipment.

In the presentation that took place in China, GH had a notable presence in the form of the cranes supplied by our company. FAGOR ARRASATE is one of the major players in the sector in the Chinese market.

It is important to highlight the message rooted in our international expansion plan: GH travels the world and helps the world’s leading companies to grow.

This celebration is confirmation of that fact.

The leading companies travel the world and grow with GHSe-ha-celebrado-el-décimo-aniversario-de-FAGOR-ARRASATE-en-China

The crane also includes anti-sway and overspeed in hosting motion.


We cater to the needs of our customer, adapting our cranes so that they meet the established requirements.

Our production capacity allows us to manufacture a weekly average of 70 standard overhead cranes. However, not all crane project requirements match our standard products.

In these cases, the Special Solutions Unit studies and configures the characteristics of the crane to adapt it to the requirements and needs of the customer.

An example of this customisation is this trolley with redundancy in the lifting safety system developed for the company Zhejiang Luhu Automobile, for their facilities in Linhai City, in the province of Zhejiang (China).

The trolley in question is mounted on a double girder overhead crane with a span of 28.5 m and a lifting height of 13.7 m. This open winch, which is M6 duty has a Siemens motor and a GHF-4T gearbox and has 3 brakes installed in the main lifting system:

  • Service brake on the motor shaft.
  • Auxiliary brake on the motor shaft.
  • Emergency brake on the drum.

It also has manual brake release for cross and long travel motions.

The crane also includes anti-sway and overspeed in hosting motion.

The crane also includes anti-sway and overspeed in hosting motion.The crane also includes anti-sway and overspeed in hosting motion.

Instalación de nueva grúa puente en la nave de OSF Open Solutions in Plastic

Con idea de optimizar el proceso de fabricación y agilizar las maniobras de cambio de moldes, la empresa OSF Open Solutions in Plastic decidió mejorar sus instalaciones, montando una nueva grúa puente.

Tras visitar las instalaciones de GH Cranes y conocer el proceso de fabricación del puente grúa y de los componentes que necesitaban, OSF Open Solutions in Plastic se decantó por una grúa monorraíl con polipasto GHB11 de 6.3t, pese a que las cargas que elevan diariamente no superan la 2t. Sin embargo esto les permite en un futuro mover sus máquinas de inyección.

El mayor inconveniente de este proyecto era saber si la actual estructura de hormigón de la nave podía soportar las cargas del nuevo puente grúa, por lo que se optó por construir una estructura complementaria, apoyada en la cimentación y arriostrada a cada uno de los pilares actuales.

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