Personalising the functionality Twin Synchro, a successful case of ikusi and GH

The demand in matters of security in cranes market is experiencing an exponential growth and the incorporation of functionalities such as Twin Synchro is, besides an additional security element of cranes, a sales pitch.


Many reference enterprises of the sector are aware of the competitive advantage that this type of functionalities can provide but, as usual in the sector, each client’s needs are diverse and the personalisation of the systems, following the requests of the technical departments of the clients, becomes essential.

An example of this approach is the personalisation of the functionality Twin Synchro project that Ikusi has carried out in collaboration with the cranes manufacturer GH. This enterprise, a noted client of Ikusi, already had a similar solution, but felt the urge to continue progressing and modernising the system. Since then, both companies have developed a joint work that has resulted in a security and vigilance high level project that has been developed following the client’s specifications.

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The technical department of GH and also the production staff have cooperated elbow to elbow in the start-up of the system, testing the system and suggesting improvements, until achieving to be completely operational as of today.

What is Twin Synchro?

The functionality of Twin Synchro from Ikusi enables to synchronise the cranes from an only control station, synchronising the crane’s movement through the remote control’s receivers themselves. In this way, the traditional way of carrying out this type of manoeuvres which demanded, besides a remote control, a redundant system, is beat. This system from Ikusi for the synchronisation of cranes in tandem configuration uses an only communication channel for the transmission of commands to both cranes.

This functionality reduces the number of incidents, something that is possible thanks to the high reliability that characterise these equipments; and for its efficiency from the point of view of the radioelectric spectrum, as it only needs to use two frequencies.

Every remote control from Ikusi, both the desks and the push buttons, has the possibility to add on-demand the provision of this software.


The synchronisation of the new cranes in tandem configuration is obligatory in the European Union and, doubtlessly, this supposes a competitive advantage in those markets that value the European security standards.

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