Innovation in crane service and maintenance, I

When a company wants to be global (that is, when they want to act in the world’s most important markets) and, more importantly, when it is an integral manufacturer (it produces all the elements that form the hoist, including the motors), then service becomes growth capital for companies in the lifting sector.

When these conditions are met, control over the product is total because the company does not depend on third parties and it makes actuations with customers swifter and more efficient, so the customers will see that their productivity is not only safe, but growing thanks to all the innovations that the manufacturer proposes.

The experience of a company like GH, a global, integral manufacturer with more than 55 years’ experience, has made us develop our own innovation policy in the field of services, an area where the connection between technology and people is essential.

Applying technology to the service business


Our innovation philosophy in the area of services is based on the following parameters:

  • Improvement and counseling by our crane maintenance and repairing services, innovating in all the aspects that bring about benefits for the customer by reducing equipment downtime.
  • Co-operation with GH in the definition of better components for cranes and hoists. This includes sharing work in development and experimentation.
  • Improvement and generation of the management information and communication technologies, these ICT tools connect our customers and our service centres.
  • Shortening of response time in the customer’s facilities
  • Definition of new services and development of solutions adapted to the specific requirements and technologies demanded by new customers.
  • Introduction to new markets, supporting internationalization
  • Technologic awareness; complying with all binding regulations and legislation.
  • Servicing of new tools to respond to improvements in the customer service
  • Improvement of internal logistics.

GH Cranes & Components:
– is present in the world’s main markets, with productive plants in Spain, Portugal, France, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Poland and Thailand.
– It has commercial companies in India, Peru y China.
– It has distributors in more than 60 countries all over the world.
– GH has its own service and maintenance branch, which guarantees that our cranes will function properly anywhere in the World by applying our intervention and service guarantee protocols.

See Part II.

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