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DANIELI deal pays off

Recently, some months ago we reached an agreement with Danieli to provide them with 80 hoists for their light cranes, which are used in the great projects taken up by the world’s most important steel companies.

Danieli is one of the best-known companies in the world suppying rolling mills and big technological cranes for the demanding manufacturing processes in the world’s steel mills.

These hoists that GH will provide have been specially and exclusively designed for them, but they have all our technology and components, which are exclusively GH.

Danieli has decided on GH because of the high performance of our hoists and because of the high competitiveness of our equiment.

DANIELI a company so committed to excellence and technological thoroughness and a worldwide reference, continues to trust us.

In this case, the deal with DANIELI reinforces the old saying that says “only the best will make us the best”.


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