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Heimbach has opened a new production plant in Suzhou (China)

Heimbach is a German company that supplies fabrics and felts for the paper mills presses. On May 5th, they have opened this new plant, in the province of Jiangsu, in Suzhou. This new plant has an special advantage due to its geographical location.

During the event many people visited the facilities where they are already working.


For these new installations, GH has provided several bridge cranes and cantilever cranes of different capacities.

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Hembach 在苏州的新项目落成典礼。

Hembach (德企)造纸印刷业供应商,五月在江苏省苏州市举办了新项目的落成典礼,项目所在地被看作是该企业最新的商业市场。



  • 2台1吨标准单梁桥式起重机,跨度25m
  • 1台5吨标准单梁桥式起重机,跨度34.25m
  • 1台1吨单梁悬挂桥式起重机,跨度17m
  • 1台2 x0.5吨单梁悬挂桥式起重机,跨度16m
  • 2台5吨单梁葫芦,起升高度10m
  • 2台5吨低净空壁行吊,跨度6m
  • 1台5吨手动葫芦,起升高度4m