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GH NEWS has become a complete classic of our history.

Coinciding with one of the main industrial events on the world stage, the Cemat fair, GH has published the 18th edition of its GH NEWS magazine that began just 12 years ago trying to inform about of the innovations of the moment precisely for the same fair in Hannover held in 2006.

GH NEWS has become a complete classic of our history. Not only is an informative link with our clients, suppliers, partners, workers and institutions, butalso represents a philosophy that perfectly sums up the essence of the industrial project from GH: place the customer at the center of our activity, promote honesty as a motto that motivates our initiatives and maintain loyalty as the essence of our principles.

In this 18th edition, we have changed the format traying to make a more agile and current link of information, adjusting to present times. We have created new sections that will develop in the next editions and we have included more information that we hope could be useful for those we really owe to: our customers.

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