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Core+ Synchro

Core+ Synchro


Easier and safer handling of large loads using 2 hoists


  • Automatically keeps relative distances between hooks. Both horizontally and vertically.
  • Works with 2 hoists of same or different capacity, operating in same crane.
  • Touch-screen: easy configuration and crane monitoring (power consumption, alarms, system faults).
  • Easy to retrofit existing cranes. The CORE+ unit is affixed to the electrical panel door.


No need to make manual adjustment of relative position between hooks -> Increased Productivity and Safety.

  • Hassle-free for operator: maintains relative positions automatically.
  • Minimal sensor requirement.


Core+ Synchro: HOW IT WORKS
  1. Inputs from VFDs and laser.
    • ORE+ SYNCHRO continuously receives following inputs from VFDs:
      • Commands from operator (accelerate / decelerate).
      • Actual speeds (hoisting, trolley travel and crane travel).
      • Vertical position of each hook (given by the hoisting motor encoder).
    • Relative distance between trolleys (given by the laser rangefinder).
  2. Built-in exclusive Algorithm: Algorithm determines, based on above inputs, optimal acceleration / deceleration rates.
  3. Instructs how to move: CORE+ SYNCHRO instructs VFDs how to perform the movement.
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